March 1, 2010

Today, I am pretty annoyed tbh. People can be so rude. For instance, I was advertising on a forum the other day and someone responds with: ‘You advertise your cheap shit so much on here’ and I got a comment on my post about my new necklace saying: ‘You need to get out more – that’s bloody awful!’. There has been more but anyways, I know not to take it to heart πŸ™‚ Well today, I got some promotion done (meaning, I get someone who has 500+ facebook friends to invite all of thier friends to the Joelleabelle facebook fan page and put the Joelleabelle website as thier status – I then send them a free pair of earrings. If anyone is interested do pop me a comment) I also made some of my favourite cheek and lip tint from my natural beauty book (its pretty much like benetint but natural) and is edible! If you would ever think of drinking the stuff ha! So I thought I would share the recipie with you lot:

What you need:

45g raw beetroot grated
3 table spoons vegetable glycerine (You can buy this from Boots)
Double Boiler

How to make it:

Put the beetroot and glycerine in the top of a double boiler. Heat gently for 15 mins, let it cool down then strain it through a sieve (so you get all the grated beetroot out) then put in a container.

Please note: This cheek tint does go brown after about 2 or so months, this always eventually happens.

Joelle xox

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